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The Palestinian Basic Law

A collection of various propsals and amendments to the Basic Law of Palestine.

France met with Hamas cabinet ministers

French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner confirms that government has had contact with Hamas, who won the Palestinian parliamentary elections in 2006. France’s former ambassador Yves Aubin de La Messuziere reportedly met with Ismail Haniyeh, who was elected Palestinian Prime minister and later dismissed by President Mahmoud Abbas, and former Foreign Minister Mahmoud Zahhar.

Read: Maan News, “Fance had contacts with Hamas, foreign minister confirms,”19 May 2008,

Read: Le Figaro, “La France parle avec le Hamas,” 19 May 2008,

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Facts about the Basic Law

The Palestinian Basic Law is to function as a temporary constitution for the Palestinian Authority until the establishment of an independent state and a permanent constitution for Palestine can be achieved.

The Basic Law was passed by the Palestinian Legislative Council in 1997 and ratified by President Yasser Arafat in 2002. It has subsequently been amended twice; in 2003 the political system was changed to introduce a prime minister. In 2005 it was amended to conform to the new Election Law. The 2003 reform was comprehensive and affected the whole nature of the Palestinian political system, whereas the 2005 amendment was only minor and affected only a few paragraphs.

A parallel effort has been made to draft a permanent Palestinian constitution for an independent state, but this was shelved in favor of amending the existing Basic Law.

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This website presents a collection of various drafts and amendments related to the Basic Law and other constitutional texts that have been compiled from various other sources.

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